Tomb Treasures of Han China website still
Web design & project management
for the Fitzwilliam Museum

The Tomb Treasures of Han China exhibition

was the first of its kind in the UK – a unique collection of 2,000 year old treasures from Imperial Chinese tombs.

It was a flagship exhibition for The Fitzwilliam Museum and they wanted a bespoke, WordPress-driven site to create a stir and get prospective visitors excited.

Context was provided via detailed information on the Han Dynasty and the specific tombs in which the exhibits were found.

Tomb Treasures Homepage
Tomb Treasures Empire page
Tomb Treasures Dynasty page
Tomb Treasures Virtual tour

A virtual tour, driven by jquery, mimicked the exhibition's layout which itself mimicked the layout of a typical Imperial Chinese burial tomb.

And there was of course visitor information, as well as a blog, a schedule of events and a small shop.

Tomb Treasures visitor information
Tomb Treasures blog page
Tomb Treasures events page
Tomb Treasures shop page