Redgate origami video still
Curation, animation & origami
for Redgate Software

Database DevOps Software company Redgate had a problem.

Their software is industry-leading, their working methods are cutting-edge, their culture is human-first. And they’re growing fast. But what they do is so niche it isn’t easy to hire the ever increasing number of developers they need.

They were participating at the Agile Cambridge 2019 conference

with hundreds of potential employees attending, and needed to create as much buzz around their booth as possible. They also wanted to build traffic to their dedicated blog which discusses how they work in detail.

They knew they wanted to base each of the three days of the conference on “what we’ve learnt in 20 years of building software about (day 1) engineering, (day 2) design and (day 3) culture”; to point people to existing blog content on Medium; and to hang everything on their existing tagline of "Ingeniously simple". Beyond that, they were open to suggestions.

Where I came in


I created a handout that attendees (mostly programmers) would find enough of a challenge to be entertaining, partly to underline that Redgate is a fun place to work, and partly to create some buzz around the stand.

[Flexagons struck me as both ingeniously simple, and representative of the agile way Redgate work, melding engineering, design and culture in a continuously evolving process.]

If you'd like to have a go yourself, you can download a copy here.

Medium blog page example


Then I curated Redgate's existing Medium blog content, identifying articles which seemed to best reflect lessons they had learnt. These were divided into three new articles - one for engineering, one for design, one for culture – and presented as a list of ten lessons with links through to the original content. To give each of new articles some coherent styling that tied everything together, I created a header graphic playing on the flexagon.


And then to add additional liveliness to their conference stand, the lessons were rapidly animated into a series of 3 movies which were displayed in the conference booth. This shows the movie from Day 1.

So did it work?

"The conference went very well with a stack of engagement on our booth. The Flexagons went down very well (To the extent we are being asked to share them online!) and the Medium page is showing a large increase in views."