The Print Studio website still
Web design, scoping & project management
for The Print Studio, Cambridge

The Print Studio is the workshop of artist and print maker Kip Gresham.

Kip has worked with some of the leading names in art over a period of many years, from Elizabeth Frink to Paolozzi to Willard Boepple.

Whilst the studio had a website, it wasn't performing very well.

What it needed to do was promote the services of the studio, act as a learning resource for printmakers, and, crucially, sell prints made by the studio to a worldwide audience. To make that happen, it needed a complete overhaul.

The Print Studio homepage
The Print Studio homepage with buy overlay
About Kip Gresham screen
About the Studio screen
How the studio works screen
About the Print Club screen

In designing the site, I wanted it to feel as hands-on and real as possible, incorporating features like post-it notes (which were stuck up around the studio), Kip's ink-stained sweatshirt – and of course, paper. A major part of the project involved scoping and architecting the user journey through the e-commerce side of the site.

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