Paragraf website still
Animation & web development
for Paragraf
with Carbon Orange

Paragraf develop new technologies using graphene.

It's a 1 atom thick (yes, what?) form of carbon with some extraordinary properties and potential applications. Really exciting stuff. And Paragraf needed their brand to help communicate how cutting edge it is.

I was brought in to work on the website by their very talented agency Carbon Orange.

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Paragraf technology
Paragraf hall effect sensors
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Paragraf knowledege centre
Paragraf board


Together, we redeveloped their website – Carbon Orange on design, me on development – pushing the Wordpress theme as far as we could.


I devised and built an animation for their homepage, as well as a re-cut version with a soundtrack (shown here) to act as a standalone promo.


... and storyboarded and animated a product demonstration integrating some of Carbon Orange's illustrations.