The Monkey who wanted to be a bear still
just for fun

The Monkey Who Wanted To Be A Bear

is a short story written by my partner Matt Hilbert. It's a daft little tale about a monkey who, er, wants to be a bear. For no reason other than - as the story explains - bears are cool.

The original idea

was to do the story as a picture book, but I turned it into an animation instead. Characters and some of the props were made out of cardboard. Other props were made with balsa wood. I sewed a tiny scarf and a mini duvet cover, made cakes out of old bits of sponge and dried up paint, and then took hundreds of pictures on my iphone, retouched them in Photoshop and pieced everything together in After Effects, adding in animated text. I used Garageband for the sound effects and musical elements, recorded the voice in Audition.

This is only chapter 1. As you might expect, it took hundreds of hours, so chapters 2 & 3 will be coming when I get time!