Little Gems website still
Web scoping, design & build
for Little Gems by Mel

Mel Pearson makes beautiful handcrafted jewellery which she sells through her Etsy store.

She wanted an online presence that could be adapted in the future to become a fully fledged online store. The first part of the project was to scope out exactly what was needed so we could establish the best place to build the site. We settled on Wordpress (because we can drop in WooCommerce as and when we need to).

The site needed to immediately appeal to the lifestyle of her customers, make it clear she makes the jewellery by hand herself, show off her some of her latest pieces (and of course link to Etsy),include details of the trade shows she'll be attending and integrate with her Mailchimp mailing list.

It's a deceptively simple one-pager, lifted by pulling out elements of her existing logo to create additional little icons and background textures.

Little Gems by Mel website screens