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See You

released by Julie anne in August 2020, struck me on initial hearing as a really visual song. When Julie anne first played it to me, she broke off to explain that she was referring specifically to travelling round Dubrovnik and Prague. I started doodling ideas pretty much immediately, and they evolved into the cut-outs that are featured here. The travelling theme is very much a part of it. It's as if she's sending postcards back from her travels.

The first cut of the video

was put together before Julie anne went into the studio to record it. It put us in an interesting feedback loop: the track production was influenced, at least in part, by the video. And then the video evolved to work alongside the track. And because they're so symbiotic the video and song work really tightly together. Or at least I hope so!


The first video I made for Julie anne, in 2017: the concept came from the opening lines of the song: "I hope you hurry up...happiness". We began with the idea of fingers drumming impatiently on a table and then it evolved into something more complex and very much from a feminine gaze. The hand painting (done for us in real time by illustrator Anastasiya Rudaya) is reminiscent of a wedding henna tattoo. The hand dancing is - variously - sensual, frustrated, funny, and at one point deliberately out of synch with the music. We also incorporated sign language in the chorus (using the american system simply because it only uses one hand).