Jesus College website still
Web design, architecture, scoping & project management
for Jesus College, Cambridge

Jesus College, Cambridge is one of the oldest of the Cambridge University colleges.

The website badly needed a design update, partly as a general refresh, partly to bring it inline with overall College branding, and partly to place it onto a platform that saved the in-house IT team time on handling website updates.

The website carried a huge amount of information

and as the old site had grown, it had become a little structurally ragged. A key part of the task was to find a way to coherently map the site, keeping in mind the needs of a large number of internal stakeholders and the various audience bases (predominantly prospective students, alumni, and those interested in the Chapel and Choir).

Jesus College conferences home
Jesus College gallery
Jesus College choir page
Jesus College about page

Jesus College Conferences & Events had a separate identity and website

to promote hiring the grounds and facilities of the College for private or commercial use. The original site was a little beige, and we wanted to lift it to make it feel aspirational and inspirational, particularly as a wedding location.

Features included venues-at-a-glance comparisons, an interactive map of the grounds, associated venues and easy-to-skim suitability. There was also a gallery, menus and additional resources, plus an integrated external booking system.

Jesus College conferences home Jesus College alcock room
Jesus College reception venue Jesus College venues