Redgate origami video still
Web design, project management, CGI collaboration & additional collateral
for EMC (SourceOne) @ The Croc

EMC's launch of its SourceOne product suite was a big deal

and they needed a marketing programme that would make a big splash.

The product suite was about archiving and information governance. Working as part of a team we came up with the concept of a city - a CGI-generated world populated with digital references that the user flies through, visiting different city sectors to learn about the various ways SourceOne can improve their business.

The site was designed and built to run in multiple languages

using an XML framework so it could be rapidly translated to promote both EMC and their reseller partners around the world. The design process meant collaborating closely with a CGI production company to ensure the scenes they generated would also work with the information we needed to flow over the top of them.

SourceOne intro page
SourceOne fly through still
SourceOne overview
SourceOne menu
SourceOne governance section
SourceOne benefits section
SourceOne litigation section
SourceOne resources

Additional collateral

came in the form of emails, newsletters that looked like newspapers, and even a boardgame.

Additional SourceOne collateral

The campaign won

runner up place in the Best Channel Marketing category of the 2012 B2B Marketing Awards.