I love making work – and making it as well as I possibly can.

I started out following a fine art degree specialising in video and sculpture. Back then, people were still putting visitor counters up and there were an awful lot of spinning globes.

Since then, I've gone on to work in-house, in-agency and client-direct on projects ranging from highly complex, multi-lingual sites for global brands, to e-commerce projects for boutique studios, to playing around with origami.

Along the way I've picked up a few things:

  1. Listen to intuition.

    Sometimes there's a brief. Sometimes there really isn't and you essentially have to feel in your bones of what a project is about and then write the brief yourself.

  2. Feelings count.

    As consumers we tend to read the mood of something before we read the content. As a designer, getting the right mood across (warmth, friendliness, authority, intelligence and so on) is a core part of the job.

  3. The customer isn't always right. Nor - of course - are they always wrong.

    I've learnt to make (gentle) suggestions that aren’t part of the original brief if they make sense, and go routes that aren't anticipated. Then again, sometimes a client needs to look the way their clients expect them to and doing the obvious is entirely the right thing.

  4. Technology gives me a buzz.

    So does working for tech clients. The sheer intelligence of what they do is awe-inspiring. Like learning software, there’s often a steep curve to understanding it. But once you do, it's really rewarding finding ways to engage tech customers and make the experience human.

  5. Relishing 'NEW' is a good thing.

    Whoever I'm working for, learning about what someone else does is fascinating. As is working out how best to communicate it.

  6. Is it beautiful yet?

    No? Keep pushing. This job takes hard craft [that was a typo, but I like it].

  7. Creativity is fairly subjective.

    If in doubt, I ask myself if I like it. If not, see point above.

  8. Don't shy away from the donkey work.

    Every part of a project is vital – even the dull bits.

  9. Give a sh*#.

    I always remember this is someone's livelihood I'm working on. Sometimes it is literally someone's life (proudest project: helping free a miscarriage of justice victim via some silent shouting).

I seem to use the word 'love' a lot in this website. But I really do [....] this job. Here are some of my favourite projects.

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